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Walmart AMP | Rogers, Arkansas


Rock sessions are on the way to Arkansas nation. Creed, together with Daughtry and Finger Eleven are hitting the road again, arms wide open as they, after years of hiatus, bless the fans with their Summer of ‘99 tour on Tuesday, September 10, 2024, at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion, Rogers. The band members Scott Stapp, Brian Marshall, Scott Phillips, and Mark Tremonti will share the stage once again as they relive the golden days of the band that dominated the rock scene in the early 90s and late 2000s. Full of rock splash and beating emotions cruised the entire journey as the 40-date tour will make its way to Arkansas for the rock fans to experience the nostalgia courtesy of the band’s aura. Leading the tracklist are the hit songs Higher, Arms Wide Open, and My Sacrifice. Creed is on the pace to make it higher than the clouds as the rock gods bless the venue with the electrifying odds. Grab your tickets now!

The long wait is over for rock fans as the iconic band Creed is making their comeback this 2024 for the Summer of ‘99 Tour, having their way at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion on Tuesday, September 10, 2024. The alternative rock splash of the band will send the fans to an alternate universe as they reminisce about the hit songs that topped the charts in the late 2000s.

The post-grunge band that became known for the distinct deep-carving vocals of their vocalist Scott Stapp and their amazing musicality paved the way for their success in the rock scene. During the golden age of alternative rock/pop in the late 2000s, when numerous bands were popping left and right, Creed stood out from the many and chased the best of the best as they became known worldwide. Multiple awards and nominations are given to Creed in the American Music Awards, making them one of the best of their generation. The song Arms Wide Open cemented their legacy as they won the Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song in 2001.

Scott Stapp (vocalist), Mark Tremonti (Lead guitarist), Brian Marshall (bassist), and Scott Phillips (Drummer) will reunite once again to give the fans a rock-banging treat as they serve this as a gift for the longtime supporters of the band. From the oldies to the youngins, Creed will deliver their timeless and electrifying sounds to the stage of Arkansas as they perform their best hits, including Higher, Arms Wide Open, and My Sacrifice.

“The managers talked about it for a long time, and then the artists were approached and signed on. We thought it's a good way to kick things off, and we’ll see what happens next”, Creed vocalist Scott Stapp said in an interview.

Creed will be supported by renowned rock bands, including Daughtry and Finger Eleven. Daughtry is a rock band from America that is starred by the American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry. Known for their songs What About Now, Home, and Over You, they are on the track to be rock-blasted as they share the stage. Finger Eleven will also be on the go as they are known for the songs Paralyzer, One Thing, and Stay in Shadow.

Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion will embrace the Summer of ‘99 Tour with Creed, Daughtry, and Finger Eleven. The outdoor venue will bless the rock fans with a perfect concert experience as it is equipped with state-of-the-art production, lighting, sound effects, and staff. With its 9,500 capacity, everyone is invited to a rock fest with Creed as the proponent. Get your tickets now!

Creed at Walmart AMP

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