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Walmart AMP | Rogers, Arkansas


There is no retreat for country rock rhythms as the country music star Hardy brings the “Quit!! Tour" on Thursday, 30th of May, at Walmart Arkansas Pavilion, Rogers, Arkansas. Tagging along the best country music artists nationwide, including Kip Moore, Travis Denning, and Stephen Wilson Jr., the honky-tonk vibes are soaring high, with the star-studded concert ready to launch. Started as a discouragement; Hardy put his heart into this newest single, "Quit!!" to put his journey into a perspective that every fan will relate to. His rap-rock country style will air all over the venue as his powerful rock-filled acoustics transcend to his music, enough for the fans to get chills. The Country Music Association Awards-nominee will feature his other iconic songs, including "Jack" and "Sold Out," for a distortion-driven country music masterclass with Hardy’s touch. Call all the hillbilly as Hardy delivers the country music energy for the best live experience in history. Get your tickets now!

Flip your cowboy hats on as we have some country-rock music coming with a boom with Hardy’s “Quit!! Tour" on Thursday, 30th of May, at Walmart Arkansas Pavilion, Rogers, Arkansas. With special guests Kip Moore, Travis Denning, and Stephen Wilson Jr., the all-star cast will put Arkansas into a country music nirvana with their soothing music that makes the fans foot-tapping.

Hardy will be hitting the road this summer as he sets a 15-date tour that will tip-off in Arkansas for the fresh and first leg of the tour. Known for his hard-hitting lyrics and sharp vocals, Hardy is echoing in the entire city as he performs the best country music discography on the planet. The perfect mix of country and rock music will be the highlight of the show, with his country's borderline alternative rock music that is through the roofs.

Hardy, who started his career in Nashville, was inspired to write his song “Quit!!” with discouragement sent to him by a tissue paper in one of his shows. But instead of quitting, Hardy made it as motivation to pull up with great music that tackles his journey from starting his career in Nashville up to his solidifying reputation now in the country music scene. That paper of discouragement not only landed Hardy a great song but also headlines this tour to give back to the fans who are full-heartedly supporting his music. Hitting his best tracks, including "Jack" and "Sold Out," the Country Music Association Awards-nominee will pour his whole heart into this once-in-a-lifetime concert experience.

“Thank you for inspiring me to be great. I guess sometimes holding a grudge is a good thing”, Hardy said on his inspiration in writing his headlining single “Quit!!”.

A star-studded country music artist will support Hardy’s concert, which will give the fans pure musicality, with groove and ease. Namely, Kip Moore, Travis Denning, and Stephen Wilson Jr., the amount of talent on a single stage will be too much to take in, so make sure to be ready for an immense aura coming from our special guests. Bringing their global hits in them, including “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck,” “After A Few,” and “Year To Be Young 1994”, they will join Hardy all night to set the honky-tonk vibes in check.

The finest venue in Arkansas, Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion, will be the location of the country music rendition with Hardy’s “Quit!! Tour," along with Kip Moore, Travis Denning, and Stephen Wilson Jr., which is just right at the corner. The top-rated production offices, dynamic lighting and sounds, and sophisticated stage management will be the fuel of this event to intensify the country music vibes for the 9,500 fans attending. Dust off the boots and be ready for some grooves as Hardy ensures everyone is involved for this night of pure country music score. Grab your tickets now!

Hardy at Walmart AMP

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