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It's time to lay it all down and sing your praise up high as Lauren Daigle heads back to the stage. Dedicated to creating music that uplifts and directs the soul to the heavens up above, she's taking her newest self-titled LP for another spin on a new headlining "Kaleidoscope Nights" tour. Known for her praise anthems that helped heal souls around the globe through "Trust in You", "Rescue", and "You Say", her new record goes beyond music that centers on faith. Her 23-track album also includes music that transcends faith, hope, and love, sharing life lessons along the way. Above all, its hit single "Thank God I Do" reminds listeners that everything is possible with his love and grace. Part of the tour is a special stop at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion on Wednesday, August 14. Get ready to be uplifted by the wonders of love and grace at Kaleidoscope Nights with Lauren Daigle. Book your tickets now!

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Following her jam-packed arena Kaleidoscope Tour, Lauren Daigle is taking her newest LP for another live spin. She's set to serve another round of graceful nights of praise and life-affirming anthems at the "Kaleidoscope Nights" tour. The "You Say" singer is bound to share endless nights of faith, hope, and love with believers this year. Laying every worry, anxiety, and fear down, all hearts are set to be lifted right up.

For over a decade, Daigle has continuously released music that uplifts and draws people closer the loving God. Finding purpose in every track, her music has inspired believers and sent churches around the world laying it all down, through the power of her powerful masterpieces. Her self-titled album's first single is "Thank God I Do", speaking about the depth of the clearest image of God that she has witnessed, with life's hurdles fading away in a heartbeat.

"Just seeing Him love me through other people who didn't give any element of shame or rejection... And it set me free. That's why I ended up writing a song about it," she shared with Michael Foust of Christian Headlines.

In her new album, Daigle takes her music to the next level. Beyond songs that center on faith and praise, she's written something even more personal - about how grace has worked in her life. Sharing personal experiences and life lessons through lyrical tales of love, hope, and faith, listeners' souls have been ignited anew.

"This is my most precious project," she shared in a statement. It’s got fun moments, solemn moments, extrovert moments and introvert moments. And I’m just thrilled about taking my songwriting further on this record than anything I’ve done previously."

The album marks her first project with her new label, Atlantic Records. Working with a new team, she's thrilled to explore new things and make greater use of her platform as a singer to continue spreading the love of Jesus in every moment in lifem through song.

"Working with Mike Elizondo and all of the amazing writers and musicians on this album was the most incredible experience and truly a dream come true. These songs are so special to me, and I can’t wait to share them with the world," Daigle shared.

On tour, you can also expect Daigle to perform her biggest hits, and we're betting on "You Say", "Look Up Child", "Trust in You", and "Rescue" on the set, alongside her newer tracks off of her new album.

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