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You know she's all about that bass! Well, it's time to turn up the music as Meghan Trainor announces her newest comeback tour. Gearing up for the grand release of her sixth studio record "Timeless", the iconic pop star is set to perform her new anthems and fan-favorite hits on stage, seven years since her last headlining trek. Known for her roster of hits - "All About That Bass", "Lips Are Movin", "Dear Future Husband", "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" featuring John Legend, "No", "Me Too", "Made You Look", and many more, it's bound to be a night of timeless music with the one and only Meghan Trainor. Giving the world a taste of what to expect in her new album, she released her newest single, "Been Like This" featuring T-Pain. Now, that sure is one pleasant surprise, a collab we didn't know we wanted. Don't miss out on her special show at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion on Thursday, October 10 by booking your tickets now!

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About a decade ago, she got the world singin' "you're lips are moving" as we groove to "all about that bass". The one and only Meghan Trainor just announced her massive comeback tour in support of her upcoming album "Timeless". The new trek will be her first headlining tour in seven years. "The Timeless Tour" will see the "Mother" pop star performing her all-time favorite classics and new hits live on stage.

Her new album is scheduled for release on June 14. She gave fans a taste of her new music with the release of its lead single "Been Like This" featuring T-Pain. As a birthday surprise, it's a collab we never knew we wanted. It's one heck of a timeless bop for sure! Tainor's husband seems to be the man behind this blessing, a birthday surprise he prepared "for months". "She’s been a fan of mine for a long time and the feeling is definitely mutual," he shared in a statement. "I think we came together in a way that’s a perfect mesh of styles that will get everybody ready for us to work together again real soon. T-Pain and M-Train, the collab you never knew you wanted but needed."

In a conversation with Audacy, Trainor shared how she envisioned T-Pain in the making of the album. While she didn't know he'll actually get on board, "every song I wrote I needed it to be likable, I need to know, ‘oh T-Pain could be on this song… if that makes sense,’" she explained.

"I just knew going into it this album... like I will not finish this album without a T-Pain duet," she shared her determination, explaining how it was a goal in her life. Now that the dream has come true, we're in for big surprises in Trainor's best album yet. And oh, she's also shared that there's another track with the man, "so I won twice, and I’m so excited."

Meghan Trainor's debut back in 2015 with "Title" came as a big surprise, topping the charts around the globe with her debut single "All About That Bass". Challenging the mainstream scene with her unique sound, she became an instant sensation. Moreover, her music also became the subject of viral videos and themes on TikTok, such as those for "Made You Look". Though she's a shining pop star around the world, she continues to produce music that her heart desires - not for the charts. "I stopped chasing radio and what I thought people wanted to hear and just wrote what I enjoyed," she told Rolling Stone about "Takin' It Back". "I put my heart into each song. Sometimes my sad, broken heart and sometimes my happy, confident heart."

Gearing up for her upcoming tour, shares "I’m feeling fit. I’ve never been so fit," she told PEOPLE. "I already told my household. I was like, ‘I am training for the Olympics, okay?’ I want to train and eat clean, and feel good when I’m dancing and singing. I don’t wanna be so winded, because right now, I’m winded." At age 30, she continues to slay like a queen!

"We're going to play the hits and we're going to splash in this new album and splash in all of the [previous] albums," she told PEOPLE.

With a new album coming right up, she's beaming with energy. "This album is a party, upbeat, fun, happy, loving yourself. It has the most self-love anthems I’ve ever heard on an album," she told Audacy.

Don't miss out on her poppin' new era live on stage at The Timeless Tour. Book your tickets now!

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