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Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper

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The anthemic hard rock icon Alice Cooper and ‘90s industrial heavyweight Rob Zombie have just announced that they are extending their celebrated FREAKS ON PARADE TOUR for another summer! They’re joining forces to bring all you heavy rockers epic tunes at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion on Tuesday 17th September 2024.

The tour was so amazing last year that the hard rock legends are bringing you even more energetic shows. “Aside from the vocal performance, the lead guitar sizzled the air with electrifying notes while the bass guitar and drums shook the background with great power” said Medium about the FREAKS ON PARADE TOUR.

While Alice Cooper is the dude who first cultured shock rock to the masses, White Zombie’s Rob Zombie is a regular in the Top Ten charts for his signature blend of industrial rock and alternative metal. Grab your tickets today and rock out to unforgettable tracks like “School’s Out” and “Dragula” this summer!

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2023 was a MASSIVE year for hard rock legends Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. They rocked stadiums to their core with an impressive setlist of timeless White Zombie songs, solo hits, and fan favorites. Alice Cooper is the dude who first cultured shock rock to the masses. This anthemic hard rock heavyweight is famous worldwide for his gritty live shows. “SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER”! For 2024’s extended run of the ‘Freaks on Parade Tour,’ Alice Cooper is going to set the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion on fire with a rock and roll chamber of horrors. In 2023, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer amazed fans with a killer setlist that included favorites like “Lock Me Up,” “Bed of Nails,” and “School’s Out”. This kind of earth shattering atmosphere is exactly what you can expect this summer from the shock rock godfather.

Meanwhile, White Zombie’s Rob Zombie is not only in the limelight as the frontman for the ‘90s industrial band, but as an immensely successful solo artist. During the span of his epic career, Rob Zombie has remained a regular on the coveted Top Ten charts. At the previous ‘Freaks On Parade,’ Rob Zombie delivered 14 awesome tracks, including “The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition), ““Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown,” “Feel So Numb,” “Well, Everybody’s F—ing in a U.F.O.,” “What Lurks on Channel X?,” “Superbeast,” “Demonoid Phenomenon,” “The Lords of Salem,” “House of 1000 Corpses,” “Drum Solo,” “Living Dead Girl,” “More Human Than Human” (White Zombie song), “Thunder Kiss ’65” (White Zombie song), and “Dragula.” Now, that’s a smashing setlist! We expect this run to be even BIGGER!!

Reviewing the famed ‘Freaks on Parade Tour’ Medium writes, ““Dragula” closed the evening with a bang, the crowd singing along to the musical madness Zombie and his band were creating on stage. The whole performance was wonderful, everyone had a chance to see an artist who is not afraid to express himself on and off stage.”

Joining Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper on the stage at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion are Special Guests Acts Ministry and Filter. To be part of this unforgettable show, we recommend securing your tickets today!

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