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Third Eye Blind at Walmart AMP



Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & Arizona

Walmart AMP

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Don't just end your July with a bang; end it with the adrenaline-pumping beats and fiery riffs of an alternative rock concert that will surely make your Wednesday evening one for the books! Catch the most explosive rock concert this summer as Third Eye Blind and Yellowcard bring their highly-anticipated "Summer Gods Tour" to Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion on July 31. If the names of these bands invoke nostalgic feelings already, we can't blame you. After all, these bands' domination in the 90s and the 2000s became a big part of our lives. Who could ever forget Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life?" Or Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue?" The first notes of those songs alone bring a gush of memories for all of us — and these memories will indeed be invoked through this concert at the famous Rogers, Arkansas, venue. So if you want to sing along to "Jumper," "How's It Going To Be," "Gifts and Curses," and Lights and Sounds," among many others, you should reserve your tickets as early as today. Joining the two iconic bands is the American pop-rock and electropop band Arizona. They will ignite the stage before Third Eye Blind and Yellowcard take center stage. Tickets are now available, so be sure to hit that "Get Tickets" link.

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90s kids grew up listening to many forms of rock music since it was the genre's golden age during that time. Among the staples are the songs of Third Eye Blind. Their vibrant, tuneful style, which combines post-grunge and pop-rock sounds, is not easy to miss among the array of rock bands and artists. "Semi-Charmed Life" brought them their speedy rise to stardom and a successful self-titled sophomore album. As they dominated the decade, their prominence bled through the 2000s. They contributed to the 2000s rock music highlights with songs like "Anything," "Never Let You Go," and "Blinded (When I See You)."

The influence of Third Eye Blind pops out among many rock bands. Yellowcard is among these bands who credit Third Eye Blind as their sound predecessor. The Jacksonville band came into the scene in the 2000s and holds an important standing in contemporary music. They are unforgettable for their breakout "Ocean Avenue," which precedes a discography that helped shape the emo-punk sound. They are responsible for the albums "Lights and Sounds," "Paper Walls," and "Southern Air."

In 2024, the two rock powerhouses announced their joint tour. They will bring twofolds of the heat wave as they summon electrifying rock sounds to the cities they will visit. The rock gods are coming down their pantheon to grace multiple venues with the "Summer Gods" Tour. The bands are enthusiastic about these concerts and they feel the fans are yearning for it.

"I have this sense that I am feeling the same way everybody else is — that we need a summer tour so badly, like more than ever," says Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind.

This concert is not complete without an opener to reeve up the energy. The band for this is Arizona, which has been catching attention with their pop-rock music, like in their debut hit album "Gallery." This was followed by an anthemic sophomore entitled "Asylum."

On July 31, the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion will overheat with the performances of these bands. You are invited to this rock extravaganza. Don't miss it. Tickets are now available for this concert.

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