Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about this iconic, modern music venue. Ask the venue staff members or virtual box office representatives, or read on to learn more.

How Many Guests Can Fit Into Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion?

An impressive 11,000 guests can fit into Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion, so it is the perfect space for large events.

Who Owns Walmart Amp in Arkansas?

The Walton Arts Center owns the Walmart Amp in Arkansas. The organization purchased and named the venue around June 2014.

Can I Choose My Own Seat at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion?

Yes, you can choose your own seat at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion by reserving it through the virtual box office. Alternatively, buy lawn seating to choose your preferred venue space on the day.

Are Purchased Walmart Amp Tickets Refundable?

No, purchased Walmart Amp tickets are nonrefundable. Once you buy tickets for an event, you must attend to get your money’s worth.